Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Here are the finished spoons. We have in no particular order.

56 Chestnut Burl - I carved this close to the surface. The back of the bowl is the natural shape of the wood. I saved a nice section of burl that forms a nice thumb rest on the top side. In all a pretty nice spoon.

57 - Walnut spoon. Just a nice user
58 - Alleywood - another user, but I like how th two spoons work together. If you try hard you can see a nice male and female form as they stand beside eachother.

59 - Oak - red oak spoon with an oversized bowl. I like the nice organic look.

60 - Small Redbud server. The last of the redbud. This is the last piece of my small collection of redbud.

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