Sunday, July 31, 2011

New website

I have moved the blog to  I was unable to keep the blogger format and moved to wordpress.  I have several new posts and pictures of spoons and some hook knifes that I have made.

I will not longer be updating this blog, but rather continue to expand

enjoy, rod

Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 17 and 18 are Crab Apple Tulip Salad Tongs.

Another staple carving that just never gets old. At the spoon gathering I saw my first clones. Someone had carved a set just like mine. I was pleased that someone liked them enough to emulate. Ok maybe that is a bit vain since they naturally want to be tulips, but I take the little bit of pleasure anyway.
The ones with the balls on the end are 17 just for the record; which this blog is.
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2011 13 - Spatula in Mulberry - I love carving spatulas more then any other spoon variety. This one has a simple chipped carved pattern on the handle.
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Here are 3 Buckthorn eating spoons I carved at the gathering in Milan, MN.

2011 14 - My new favorite and my personal eating spoon. Carved like a small spatula it handles food effortlessly. I highly suggest carving one in this style. I added a small chip carved detail to complete the look.

2011 15 - Another Buckthorn spoon with more brown then orange. A bit of random design gives it more pizazz then it probably deserves, but I like it.

2011 16 - Small spatula in Buckthorn The knot in the handle called out for a sun and I superimposed a moon along side.
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Finally, some new pictures of my carvings. I am doing a art showing in July and working to get my inventory organized and labeled.

2011 10 - Boxelder paster fork. Too short, but turned out pretty cool anyhow.

2011 11 - Boxelder spatula. The knot was removed in the middle and makes a great sun burst.

2011 12 - Walnut coffee scoop. Carved with a turtle on the handle just because I like too.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

some cool 'how to' pics from a block and a tree limb

Almost done posting pictures from the 5th annual spoon gathering. Here are the spoons Ben brought to share.
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