Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 - 34 Apple Sugar

Apple Sugar

Small elegant spoon desinged for the smalls tasks of everyday.

Status: Available $20
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2010 - 33 Buckthorn Sugar

Buckthorn Sugar Spoon

Not found in NE, but common in the Northwoods. Orange and brown mix to form a nice palette.

Status: Gifted to a friend
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2010 - 32 Oak Oar

Oak Oar

Simple design, but the best user design to date. The Oar shape stirs, mixes, sautes, and the list goes on.

Status: Available $20
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2010 - 31 Cherry daisy

Cherry Daisy

A Cherry spoon carved into my version of a daisy. I turned off the flash and that improved the pictures.  I will try that on more up coming pics.

Status: Available $25
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2010 - 30 Tulip Salad set

Crabapple Tulip Salad tongs

This is one of a couple of spoons that I carve and recarve. They work well in tossing and serving salad and make a nice addition to your spoon collection.

Status: Available $25
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 - 29 Cherry Leaf

Cherry Leaf

Another spoon from my backyard Cherry tree. Carved with a leaf shaped bowl complete with veins. Again my mad skills with the camers hides these delicate lines. Not a beautiful spoon, but pretty and very functional.

Status: Available $20
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2010 - 28 Apple Ladle

Apple Ladle
I really wish I had a better camera and maybe some skill when taking pictures. This spoon is another favorite. It has a peach or pink tint to it which does not want to reveal itself to the camera. It was also the first spoon I carved where I had a knot in the bowl. The cracking took me a bit of time to get over. Superglue holds it together for me now.

Status: Private collection
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Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 - 27 Walnut chip

This is another piece of walnut firewood. I am still defining the chip caring on my handles, but I like the added detail it brings to my organic style. Most of my spoons are driven by the wood itself, but the organized chip carving adds another dimension to the piece.

Status: Available $20
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2010 - 26 bacon fork

Unknown bacon fork

this was a small piece of wood given to me by a friend. I can not remember what it is. One of the reasons for this web site is that over the years I forget.

Why bacon? My neighbor brought over a small fork that belonged to his great grandmother. He is about 65 so the fork is probably 100 years old. It had a nice small that is much more conventional then this example. Anyway, he told me he used it to turn bacon in the skillet in the morning. The name just stuck.

This example is pretty organic, but I like it.

Status: Available $20
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2010 - 25 Poplar brave

Poplar Brave spoon.

From time to time I get the urge to carve caricatures. This is a Native American that I found in a carving magazine. Fun to carve and fun to use.

Status: Available $20

Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 - 24 Apple Pie

Pie spatula in apple wood

Status: Sold 2010

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2010 - 23 Mulberry bark

Mulberry bark

A Nice yellow and black spoon made of mulberry. I left a strip of bark on the back to make thing interesting.

Status: Available $20
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2010 - 22 Crabapple bamboo

Crabapple faux bamboo. We have a bamboo grove in our backyard. This spoon and a few others over the years evokes what I love about that not so small little grove.

Status: available $20
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2010 - 21 Walnut weave

Started life as a hackberry spoon, but a crack in the bowl lead to the walnut weave creating a strainer. Not a user, but a favorite at gatherings.

Status: undecided?
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2010 - 20 Mulberry

Mulberry lable with a chip carved rim.

Status: available $20
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2010 - 19 Crabapple Coffe Chip

Small long spoon to get into those evil coffee bags. My hands are too big so this spoon does what I can not. Nice chipped carved handle to add some pop.

Status: Available $20
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2010 - 18 Cherry Chip

I had to remove a Cherry tree from the back yard and this is one of the spoons created.  I have also been working on chip carving thus the embellished handle.  Overall a nice spoon, but more of a user then a display piece.

Status: Available $20

2010 - 17 Boxelder Pepper

A large right handed ladle.  Red streaks run thru the back of the handle.  Another spoon that needs to be touched to get the full effect.  Carved to evoke the inside of a pepper, but people usually see something different.

Status:  Available $50

2010 - 16 Walnut

There is nothing overly special about this spoon other then the fabulous color and grain pattern.  An old piece of firewood that turned into a great spoon.  Need to sell, want to keep.

Status: Available $20

Thursday, July 22, 2010

201015 Mulberry Double Dipper

Fun little spoon in Mulberry.  The yellow color is difficult to get on my POS camera.  One end if a table spoon and the other is a teaspoon.

Status:  Available $20

201014 Maple Spelunker

This was an experiment where I carved the bowl and handle separately.  The result is something found in an unexplored cave, the tools of early humans. 

Status: Available $20

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 - 13 Buckthorn ladle

Buckthorn is an interesting wood.  I did not know it even existed until the first spoon gathering in Mn.  It does not appear to grow in Nebraska.  It has many colors, but I appreciate the various orange colors most.  This is another very large spoon.  The bowl has tiger stripes which is rare and really pops the spoon.

Buckthorn is a favorite spoon carving wood in Mn.  It is strong, has interesting grain, and finishes well.

Status: Private collection

2010 - 12 Massive Ash Spoon

Spoon or bowl it is hard to decide with a spoon this size.  It took a very long time to carve by hand.

Status:  Available $40

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Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 - 11 Dogwood turtle

This spoon started out as just some fun piece to carve at lunch.  The turtle came after the spoon was done and it just seemed like something was missing.  The Redbud is touch and go.  I found the branch on the side of the road.  Some places are nice and firm and others can be broken by hand.  Not sure if it is just my piece or Redbud in general.  Some reading reveals that Redbud is soft, so really not ideal spoon material.  Anyway, this really turned out nice.  It will be a gift to my son who turns 13 soon and requested something related to turtles which he collects.  The underside is also carved, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  My camera is very frustrating.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 - 10 weathered ash

Complete with worm holes and weathered handle this spoon has seen many years.  Older piece of ash filewood that was given new life as a display spoon.

Status:  Personal Collection

2010 - 09 Walnut Sprout

An earlier spoon from around 2007.  Reminds me of a seed that is just opened to reveal the young seedling.

Great dark walnut color.

Status:  Personal Collection

2010 - 08 Peace Spoon

I have carved this spoon many times.  This one happens to be in crab apple.  Good user spoon and makes a nice show among your other spoons.

Status:  Available $20

2010 - 07 Crab apple

Crab Apple Ladle from the same tree as number 6.  The nice larger bowl size make this a good using spoon.

Available for purchase - $50

2010 - 06 Crabapple

One of my very favorites.  Carved from the crotch where 2 branches meet.  A tragic crack in the bowl almost brings me to tears and reminds me that although strong they are not unbreakable.

Status:  Personal collection (cracked)

2010 - 05 Ash Ladle

Same tree as number 4, but more natural carving.  This spoon needs to be held.

Status: Personal collection

2010 - 04 Ash Ladle

The shape, feel, and color are spot on. 

Status: Personal Collection.