Saturday, October 2, 2010

Early fall Spoons

2010 46 Crabapple frog

2010 47 Chestnut Chip

2010 48 Maple Leaf

This is the last of my neighbors crab apple tree and although I love the wood I am glad to be on to something different for a while. The hardest part for me is having the time to find wood. I seem to have plenty of time to carve spoons...

The Chestnut is new to me. I like carving that. Took me a long time to ID this wood and it was alleywood for quite a while. I call wood that I can not identify alleywood - as in found in the alley behind my house.

The small maple spoon is a blank I received at the last spoon gathering in Mn. The blank was done so well I barely had to cave it. Something fun for beginning carvers. I froze the rest of the blanks in case someone needs an extra.

I have several more spoons waiting to be finished and a special spoon to post soon.
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