Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 68 Maple Ladle

I like the shape of this spoon with the keel running along the back. I gave it an Octogon handle which is hard to see, but there none the less. You can see the darkening that occured as it dried. I scraped and scraped, but was not able to remove all of the discoloration. Kind of depressing, but nowhere near as bad a dropping an almost finished spoon only to have the bowl crack....

Anyway as long as we are palying critic. The bowl needs to be a bit larger to have any real use, but the general S shape gives it good user properties.

If you look close you can see a bit off my workshop. It is a small rolltop desk where most all of my carving is done. I plan to take some pictures of my tools and process over the holidays. The desk works well and the rolltop is great to hide the mess. I only wish is was more sturdy. On my long list is to build one like you would a workbench - a someday project.
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