Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here are spoons and bowls from Jarrod. He is a great guy and one of the friendly people I have meet in my short 40 years. I would like to call him a friend, but that may be a bit brave since we have only met twice. Jarrod turns bowls on a Spring Pole Lathe that he built himself. Turning bowls and carving spoons may be enought for some, but he also builds birch canoes. His wife April makes beautiful baskets. Someday I hope to own one for myself.

Jarrod and April help to organize the Traditional Ways Gathering happening in WI in August. I hope to teach there this year. I plan to focus on wooden spatulas as I think there are under represented. I took the time off from work, but now need to fill out the paper work - something I am not too good at....

I left this year with a bowl and a spoon from Jarrod. I will post a picture later.

Here is a link

Here is a link to Jarrod and Aprils site.
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