Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Spoons of 2011

I just completed my last batch of coffee scoops. They are not my favorites, they are fun enough to carve, but the finish work is tedious since they are small, but with large bowls. I think I will be done carving these for a while as this last batch should complete my obligations on already spoken for spoons

If we look at the top right picture for reference

2011 - 1 Mulberry with Kelrosing
2011 - 2 Alleywood with Kelrosing
2011 - 3 Maple with tiger stripes in the bowl
2011 - 4 Boxelder - not my favorite carving, but I decided to finish it anyway.

Next up is completing the ladle shown in the previous post. It is the work in progress shown on the work bench. After that my wood supplies are dangerously low so out in the snow I shall have to go...
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